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Ashish Tiwari

Namaste, I'm a Bachelors Candidate majoring in Software Engineering.

This page serves as a placeholder who wants to learn about me, Ashish Tiwari. I'm delighted that you're here, but am also afraid.. the odds are I'm not the Ashish Tiwari you might be looking for. I'm from Nepal not India, and I do not work for SRI International nor am I Tippie Research fellow. I'm sorry if you're in a different planet. Anyways, now you're here, you can choose to make yourself comfortable or I can send you off on your next journey.

Thanks for visiting! 😄

Who Am I?

Photo of Ashish Tiwari

Hello. I'm Ashish Tiwari!

I love to try new things, make stuffs and dream of the sublime. I enjoy good markup, strive for good styling and am passionate about the beautiful code. More about Ashish →

And this is my website. Here I gather links and a collection of thoughts on the web, technology, art, code, life and all the bits in between. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Or Hi, or Assalamu 'Alaikum, or whatever really. (he/him)

My PGP key is available here for download and my fingerprint is:

BEBE 8296 6050 31C0 A15C 
E2B3 D177 D166 7CD5 BA28